About us

 Our farm is not the run of the mill farm. We are small, but we have big hearts. 

We wholely believe in animals are good for your emotional and psychological health and we have many people who have visited our farm who leave I'm a much happier mood than they arrived. I feel that this has a lot to do with how happy our animals are. 

Here on the farm we have taken on several rescue animals who have needed a safe and happy place to live out the remaining days of their lives. We believe in giving as much love back to our very sociable and affectionate animals as they give us.

Our rescue animals have been lucky to receive gifts from lovely people who have big hearts and want to help. Without these gifts we would find it very hard to keep going. You are our heroes and we thank you. 

The Bluebell Wood is so named because of my grandmother who loved bluebells and had the biggest heart I have ever known. She was my teacher and best friend and I know she is with me here.