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Goat sponsorship

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The average cost of keeping a goat here at Bluebell Wood for twelve months, can be in the region of £120. As we always have well over 50 goats living here you can work out the cost to the Sanctury. We have therefore launched this scheme so that you may financially support your own individual goat.

You can become a "Sponsor" of one of the goats by donating this amount for its upkeep. You can choose and support any one of the many goats here at Bluebell Wood, knowing that you are solely responsible for its health and wellbeing.

This donation entitles you to visit your goat and feed it, brush and groom, give it a nice shampoo if you so wish and even take it for a walk. If you want to get more involved you could help by cleaning out their pen! The choice is yours, or you may just prefer to let us do the hard work. You will also receive a nicely framed certificate and a picture of your goat.

If you wish you can donate the total amount of £120 in one settlement or 12 monthly instalments of £10. You may even share your goat with a friend to cover the expense.