Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

    I just watched the last sunset of 2019 and with the end of year closing and the beginning of a whole new decade about to start many of us are being bombarded with messages on social media about "making a new start" or "improving yourself" for the new year. While I agree its a great thing to have a plan and when is better than the new year to set goals, but that said, I disagree strongly with the message that your life up until now wasn't good enough in some way. "Lose weight in the new year" is one that I hate with a passion. You are perfect as you are right now! If losing weight will make you happy, then YES go for it, but don't allow the pressure on tv or the internet to dictate to you what should make you happy because I can guarantee you that not only will you not feel any better about yourself, you will fail in your 'resolutions' because that's not what you really needed to make yourself happy.

   I believe that finding what you enjoy and finding time for those things are far more achievable and in the long run that's what is going to make you happy right? Being yourself is what makes us attractive, not only to others, but to ourselves. when we look in the mirror and are happy with the reflection it gives us the confidence to do more, it energises us and we can achieve so much more. 

   So this year instead of looking at our lives and picking faults, lets look at all we have achieved this year and be so grateful that we had the opportunities we were given and the strength we had to overcome the tougher times. Lets face it we all have those days when we really need to muster up some strength to push through, but we did it!! We made it through and here we are at the beginning of a brand new year and a whole new decade. 

   Lets give ourselves a big old pat on the back, raise a glass and lets ROCK THE 20's!!!🥂



Sam xx