Getting the new year started

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Getting the new year started

Hi there people of the internet!

Well January is well under way and we are so behind on the gardening aspect of the farm. The weather has definitely been against us with the amount of rain we had   this autumn/winter. Our field is just a muddy bog so trying to plant our crops has been put on hold until the ground firmed up. However, Im not one to sit by and just wait. I get itchy feet and my brain starts to whirl and then I start conversations with my husband that start with...."I've been thinking..." 

   So I thought about it and decided if I can't plant in the ground yet and we had some straw bales that were ruined in the rain, I could build ( and when I say "I" I actually mean Chris can lift the now ridiculously heavy soaking straw bales) a raised bed to plant in. So this is what we got to work on. 

   We recruited the whole clan, Chris was was on raised bed detail, I was on pulling out dead plants in my Pottage garden, Lucy was on rolling up the electric fencing from the old pig pen, Tristan was putting down pebbles on the slushiest parts of the paths and Walter was busy emptying out old pots of compost ready for replanting.

   There's nothing better for blowing away the cobwebs after Christmas than being outside on a sunny winters day. we have needed some sunshine after the dark wet days we have had lately. 

   I can't wait to get started in the veg garden again, but for now, this is a great start!


I hope this new year is going well for you. A new video will be going live on our youtube channel very soon and look out for new recipes on our recipe page.


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Until next time

Sam xx