Family time is important

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Family time is important

Living on a farm is a wonderful and rewarding way to live, but it is also hard work and finding time to just slow down and relax is hard to do when there is always a job to be done. There are always pens to clean, fences to fix, animal housing that needs painting and repairing, the market garden to prepare for planting and so on and so forth.......

The summer months get so busy that getting away is off the cards, but this time of year is perfect. Things on the farm have quietened down to a dull roar so it's possible to leave the farm in the hands of a trusted friend and sneak off to our favourite place, the highlands of Scotland.

There is something magical about waking up to snow, no matter how old you are, but especially when you are young. It was struggle to persuade them to wait until they had eaten breakfast before they were outside playing with their sledge. 

After a big Scottish breakfast and a good romp in the snow, we decided on a walk in the woods. There are few things that calm me like being in the trees. Its pure magic. I love the lichen on the trees and the frosty air almost as much as coming back to a warm fire when I can't feel my fingers anymore. 

 I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as we are. These are the moments that last a lifetime and when your children are grown, they won't remember the money you spent or the things you bought, but they will remember the stick they found covered in "reindeer food" (lichen to you and me) and dragging a sledge through the snow. 

Have a wonderful time with your family and I will be back soon.

love Sam xx