First post

First post

Well isn't this exciting! A brand new website for a new year, full of exciting times ahead. In this blog I hope to bring you all of the news of what we are doing as a business, but also create a community/friendship with my readers. I would love to find out how you are enjoying the farm and if there is anything you would love to see in future.

I'd love for you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so we can get to know each other better and you will get to see the 'backstage' area of The Bluebell Wood.

Here, in the Bluebell Wood, we are preparing for a new year. I also enjoy spending time with my little boys and my daughter. We love being out in the garden and in the orchard. I can't wait for the bluebells to start coming up. We planted even more this year so I keep going out to see if the shoots are appearing yet. There are plenty of snow drops already and the garden has had its first hard frost. It looks so pretty dusted in white.

I hope to add a new blog every week, to keep you informed of all of our news.

Take care